Midas Touch, Kwes.

Midas Touch, Kwes.

Funny thing, philanthropy – you expend your every energy on enhancing the prospects of those near and dear to you, allowing for your own generosity to have a plausibly detrimental impact on you and your own potential. And this has questionably been the case with bashful London producer Kwes., who has been busying himself of late producing the likes of Eliza Doolittle and Valentina, and playing in Bobby Womack’s star-spangled band, among various other extracurricular activities.

We’ve been longing for something; anything from him ever since the release of his blinding Meantime EP of yesteryear, and it’s thus with as much relief as exhilaration that we greet 36 – a precursory peep into his forthcoming début full-length, ilp. True to form, 36 makes for a pretty reticent listen – a recording more than capable of exhibiting the indubitable talents of its author, though one which is simultaneously only too willing to hold more than a little back in reserve.

Kwes. is, without doubt, one of the defining producers of contemporary times, and his Midas touch is fortuitously of the exact same shade as the very public, very present 2013 penchant for off-kilt R’n’B, for which see the aforesaid duo and indeed Jessie Ware. Nonetheless, you can’t help but feel that once this withdrawn studio wunderkind opens up a little more, as does the song itself quite majestically in its lattermost moments, the gold plates and 24-carat accolades will be his for the plundering…

ilp is anticipated October 14th via Warp.

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