First Transmission: argonaut&wasp, Heart Breaks In Bloom.

As questionable monikers go, argonaut&wasp is right up there – or, rather, down there – with Iglu & Hartly et al., and the burgeoning NYC four-piece’s electro-poppy latest (entitled Hearts Break In Bloom) is slightly reminiscent of said Los Angeleno outfit, too. Factor in the fact that it features both ample cowbell and ukulele strains, and you’re probably not even remotely sold on this one. Nonetheless, forgive the misgivings and give Trey Schibli & Co. your undivided attention, because it’s this which – for reasons I’m still to decipher – Heart Breaks In Bloom commands, sinuous guitars and forcible bass lines igniting an infectious Disco Inferno-worthy feel. “Burn, baby burn,” etc.

argonaut&wasp’s SoundCloud.