First Transmission: BE GOOD, It’s Cool But It Ain’t You.

Juxtaposing irreproachable production with rather more outré musical components is always likely to result in a slightly off-kilter listen, although in the case of Oxford four-piece BE GOOD’s It’s Cool But It Ain’t You, it proves to be a particularly rewarding one, too. For in spite of Ash Cooke’s choral lyrics concerning “feel[ing] a darkness comin’ over me,” there’s a matutinal brightness to it, hints of quintessentially American contemporary R&B glinting in glimmering reminiscences of quirkier UK acts such as Kindness, NZCA Lines, and the like. In short, we’re really quite liking it and, for want of a more hifalutin adjective, it’s ‘cool’ alright.

BE GOOD’s SoundCloud.