Blaue Blume, Morgensol.

It’s been the better part of two years since Blaue Blume released the exceptional Sobs EP, although that time has been anything but idled on the basis of Morgensol. Translating to ‘morning sun’, it may be more riddled with insomniac uncertainty than matutinal newness, but it truly brims with brilliance all the same: bold musically and so too lyrically (this is Jonas Holst Schmidt’s first effort in his native tongue, in fact), muted electronica underpins its neoclassically inclined first half, before a celestial second – awash with the ornate enterprise of a Sistine ceiling – takes the band, and our appreciation therefor, to a whole other level. Arresting musicality combined with an inimitable sensitivity, the possibilities now seem totally limitless for this outstandingly singular outfit.

Blaue Blume’s Bandcamp.