Blaue Blume, Thinking of Roxy.

Said in no uncertain terms, Blaue Blume’s début full-length effort – typically logolepsically titled Syzygy – is a quite incredible collection of eminently melodramatic contemporary pop songs; the sort that’s capable of provoking incredulous gasps on a nigh on second-by-second basis. Of course, that the likes of the appositely scintillating In Disco Lights and the chilling Helen never made the proverbial grade proves great testament to the strength of this incontrovertibly vital album, but from it comes Thinking of Roxy – the Copenhagen four piece’s forthcoming single, and a further slice of fine, refined drama musical.

Showcasing the versatile, divisive vocal range of Jonas Smith, as well as the forever growing proficiencies of brothers Robert and Søren Jensen Buhl, it’s unmistakably, brilliantly Blaue Blume through and through. But better yet are Smith’s quintessentially intricate lyrics, as atop shimmering guitars, he reminisces: “Thinking of Roxy, the taste of her skin/ Her honest smile as she’s giving in/ Thinking of how I owned you and your limbs/ Your lust and your pleasure, your suffering” before later recalling, “Remember waking up that morning, sighing/ Not wanting more than your breath in mine, and nothing more than a simple life/ Remember walking around the city, smiling/ Not wanting more than your hand in mine, and nothing more than a simple life.” Verisimilar sentiments needless to say, although only very rarely are these so masterfully fitted into this dissimilar a sonic construction…

Blaue Blume’s SoundCloud.