Blue Hawaii, Do You Need Me?

Tomorrow marks the release of Blue Hawaii’s Tenderness – their first long-playing output since the ineffably beautiful début album, Untogether – and if you’ve not as yet had the privilege of listening in to the Canadian duo’s latest full-length, in full, well, it’ll doubtless be a day to remember. Because they’ve contrived a work of quite remarkable, startling quality that, although decidedly avant-garde, remains massively accessible more or less throughout; and few tracks better demonstrate this brilliantly equilibrated dichotomy than Do You Need Me? Centred around Raphaelle Standell’s trademark vocal acrobatics, which contort and twist atop susurrant arrangements courtesy of one Owen Pallett, it perfectly epitomises that discombobulating feeling of subliminal oblivion which stems from “fallin’ out of love again” (a lyric that is lifted from the commensurately sublime Tenderness number, Make Love Stay) in a way that is – as is so infrequently the way – in no way contrived nor trite.

Tenderness is available from Friday, 6th October via Arbutus Records, while Blue Hawaii play The Pickle Factory on November 21st.