Caribou, You and I.

If Home – the aestival comeback track by Caribou – precipitated a veritable avalanche of comparisons to a certain Antipodean duo, then the comparably plunderphonic You and I will only serve to strengthen those. Both come from Dan Snaith’s forthcoming Suddenly full-length, the latter hearing the polymathic Canadian mashing much into four minutes as initially, Kavinsky-esque keys meet with a fleet top-line reminiscent of KiNK’s exemplary reworking of Knowing We’ll Be Here. The ensuing chorus is slightly incongruous, hinging on an uncharacteristically meretricious sample that’s more Thunder, Lightning, Strike than particularly striking, before it sinks back into another oneiric verse and slinking on into a Daphni-ish bridge. Is this Snaith’s finest work to date, then? Definitely not, no. Is it, however, a progressive, conclusively interesting musical curveball, replete with a guitar solo that’s equal parts prog-rock and Purple Rain? Essentially, yes.

Suddenly is available from February 28th via City Slang, while Caribou play the O2 Academy Brixton on April 7th.