First Transmission: Chimo, Albatros.

Hailing from Rosario, some three hundred kilometres to the northwest of Buenos Aires, Emiliano Ponzelli’s Chimo this week released the spirited, peppy Yunga; and drafted from it, the decidedly eoan Albatros not only kicks off proceedings, but provides its shining highlight, too. “Construí el amor,” confirms Ponzelli amidst an eminently loveable vocal wash evocative of Noah Lennox’ Panda Bear endeavours, as remaining members Germán Bertino, Valentín Prieto and Diego Picech instead set about, and succeed in, creating a supremely polychromic backdrop reminiscent as much of El Guincho’s Alegranza as it is Merriweather Post Pavilion. Which, whether that be “al amanecer” or al anochecer, can never be a bad thing.

Yunga is available now via Polvo Bureau.