Callate y escucha cabrón, los Melvins.

Callate y escucha cabrón, los Melvins.

It’s a good time to be getting deep into the bracing, sludgy onslaught brought about by Buzz Osborne and los Melvins, not least as the Montesano doom-metal titans show no sign of letting up on the irrepressible outpour just yet. Their latest, next month’s Tres Cabrones, is their nineteenth full-length endeavour in twenty-seven years which, given the turbulence and internal conflicts they’ve had to overcome, is rendered all the more admirable still.

Their previous, April’s Everybody Loves Sausages, was more a rare insight into the band’s disparate inspirations than it was a cohesive piece per se, and although it certainly wasn’t without its merits – never has the work of an emasculated, nor indeed a these days emaciated Bowie sounded visceral as Osborne’s gruelling whiplash spank through Station to Station – it inevitably lacked the innovation for which the Yanks have long since been renowned.

And so City Dump, a cacophonous blur that sounds as close as any song has yet come to resembling Hades splurging up from the gutters, is capable not only of refuelling the verve the Melvins have inspired in so many for so long, but so too sees this near-original incarnation of Osborne, Dale Crover on bass and Mike Dillard on drums revert to type and return to form. Uneasy does it, cabrones.

Tres Cabrones is anticipated November 4th via Ipecac Recordings.

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