Competition: Win Dots & Dashes’ Records of 2012.

Competition: Win Dots & Dashes’ Records of 2012.

We’ve spent this week doing more figurative wrapping up of the year than we have literally wrapping golds, frankincenses and myrrhs, with both our Shows of 2012 and Records of 2012 features now alive and kicking, even if this year itself only has less than a couple weeks left in its legs. Here’s hoping you’ve been able to vicariously experience evenings from the former category through us if you couldn’t make them for whatever reason, though it’s the latter that we’re here centralising our attentions upon. As documentations of a determined time, records are the one of the two we can still bestow upon you if, again, you missed out for whatever reason first time around. So, what this boils down to therefore, is a giveaway as here proffered, from we to you, of a selection of some of the year’s sonic finery. We’ve vinyl (Human Don’t Be Angry, Winterval, We Were Drifting On A Sad Song, and so on), CDs (Oshin, Tramp, Iradelphic, etc.), downloads, and a rather winsome boxset courtesy of Beak> to bundle together for some fortunate one somewhere or other. Oh yeah: UK only, ta.

To be in it to win it as it were, answers on a proverbial postcard to the following, please:

What was Dots & Dashes’ Record of 2012?

Email us the right one, along with a name, address and contact number, and we’ll have a winner for y’all early on in the New Year.

Thanks for sticking with us this year – it’s been swell. As for the next, well, see below, I guess…

Dots & Dashes.

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