Corridor, Pow.

Packing the ample punch its title might imply, Pow is the latest to surface from Canadian quartet Corridor’s forthcoming Junior full-length. And following on from Domino, and Topographe before the both of them, it solidifies the feeling that the aforesaid record may yet turn out to be one of 2019’s finest. This particular track passes by in something of a Shibuya blur, as but for a robust bottom end, wandering vocals and papilionaceous synthetic arpeggi give off a very skittish vibe. Its brightness is vital, though, as phosphorescent français offsets its more fidgety elements, and Corridor’s ability to bring together so many seemingly disparate sounds to create something this direct is, quite conceivably, their greatest strength.

Junior is available from October 18th via Sub Pop, while Corridor play The Waiting Room on November 6th.