First Transmission: Curls, Emotion.

From Curls, to Girls, to a critically questioned solo career, before reverting to Curls once more in December 2016, Christopher Owens has never been one for idle thumbs. And Emotion, from Curls’ forthcoming Vante EP, is a thus suitably restive garage-rock wrecking ball loosely reminiscent of Sweet Jane, lyrics rumbling on boulder-like from one line to the next. “Emotion, that’s what makes you beautiful/ Emotion, let your love illuminate your soul” Owens sings in typically candid, direct terms, pleading for emotional transparency in place of “build[ing] a wall” or “hid[ing] behind illusion.” And it’s both thumbs up from us for both this sentiment, and so too the song itself.

Vante is available from November 7th via Urban Scandal Records.