First Transmission: Deeper, Run.

What with Mayor Lori Lightfoot having decreed tomorrow be ‘Whitney Day’ in Julien Ehrlich and Max Kakacek’s native Chicago, this week of all weeks, it would all too easy to disregard any, if not every other band hailing from Illinois’ largest city. But post-punk three-piece Deeper certainly should not be ignored on the strength of Run: for while it will begin with the kind of chiming guitar line to recall that wretched Darwin Deez lot, from its fourth second onwards, it slots into a suitably racy groove, as staccato vocal patterns call to mind the considerably more estimable likes of Bodega, N0V3L and Omni. Proof, then, that Chicago’s musical successes run deeper than (the, admittedly, meritorious) Forever Turned Around.

Deeper’s Bandcamp.