Dirty Projectors, Break-Thru.

While Dirty Projectors’ typically peppy comeback track Break-Thru (below) patently harks back to the days of Bitte Orca, there could not be a starker contrast once set against the self-titled, angst-stifled predecessor to this coming summer’s Lamp Lit Prose full-length. The first song to surface from Dirty Projectors, cleped Keep Your Name, began with the markedly embittered lyric: “I don’t know why you abandoned me/ You were my soul and my partner/ What we imagined, and what we became/ We’ll keep ’em separate, and you’ll keep your name.” Break-Thru, conversely, commences: “What’s up? How’s it goin’?/ The unreal cheekbone/ She is so dreamy, that she got features on Fellini.” It’s fully “epiphan[ic]” stuff, and fairly self-explanatorily autobiographical once again, as the trademarkedly sparky twang of David Longstreth’s Stratocaster is offset by candid divulgences of how “her electricity opens my days like she always knew.” And replete with nods to everything from the Archimedes Palimpsest to Julian Casablancas, and containing nuanced references to onetime collaborator Kanye West, following on from recent previous, few would have envisaged a very audibly rejuvenated Dirty Projectors returning with their fresh, clean sound of 2009 still intact.

Lamp Lit Prose is available from July 13th via Domino Record Co., while Dirty Projectors play Village Underground on August 21st and 22nd.