Dirty Projectors, Overlord.

Those fortunate enough to have caught Dave Longstreth’s Dirty Projectors live over the last few years will already be well aware of Maia Friedman, and what she brings to the band. (Not to mention fellow vocalists Felicia Douglass and Kristin Slipp.) For those who’ve not, though, Overlord – an as-yet-stand-alone release, released today – will fill you in. Because Friedman leads it, having co-written its lyrics, and by way of introduction, soothingly coos: “Please don’t yell at the train, just get aboard … Those who stay behind will be left on the shore” in a way at once incongruous with any and every train attendant you’ve ever encountered. What it’s rather more in keeping with is Longstreth’s sprightly, bright acoustic strums, which hark right back to Lamp Lit Prose (and, by extension, Bitte Orca) as they combine with upright bass, congas, and other bits and bobs from the whole kit and caboodle.

Overlord is available now via Domino.