Dirty Projectors, That’s a Lifestyle.

If Break-Thru, from Dirty Projectors’ forthcoming comeback album Lamp Lit Prose, ‘patently hark[ed] back to the days of Bitte Orca,’ then That’s a Lifestyle does so all the more starkly. For if the above bicolour imagery – pilfered from the video below – wasn’t enough to corroborate such a claim, then its sonic analogy to Temecula Sunrise most certainly is, as matutinal twelve-string guitar accompanies Dave Longstreth’s rhetorical questioning: “Who’ll stop wasting the lives of the brave?/ Based on a lie.” Lyrically, it is – as was Break-Thru before it – far more (for want of a more grandiloquent term) magniloquent than that direct, invective self-titled full-length of yesteryear, but it’s all the better for it, as Longstreth has seemingly cleared his mind and started afresh with that archetypal twinkle-fingered freshness at the forefront once more.

Lamp Lit Prose is available from July 13th via Domino Record Co., while Dirty Projectors play Village Underground on August 21st and 22nd.