First Transmission: Emma Jensen, Make You Mine.

Joining the steadily extending list of exemplary Norwegian pop vocalists is Oslo’s Emma Jensen, whose phocine first single Closer stacked up some pretty impressive numbers online. She has since gone several better, however, with Make You Mine; a song that, if as asphyxiatingly saccharine as a Hubba Bubba bubble splotched across your oronasal orifices, is as determined as it is dramatic, Jensen ingeminating: “This time, I’m gonna make you mine/ This time, I’ll make sure that next time won’t be the last time” atop a chorus improbably reminiscent of both The Knife and Bon Iver. It’s not all that “unusual,” really, although this really is measured pop music at its majestic best.

Emma Jensen plays The Lexington, as part of September’s Ja Ja Ja programme, next Thursday, 28th September.