Fever Ray, To the Moon and Back.

“Hey, remember me?/ I’ve been busy working like crazy,” sings Karin Dreijer Andersson in typically eldritch tones as To the Moon and Back – a first from the inscrutable Swede’s Fever Ray evil twin in several lengthy years – begins. And while this certainly hasn’t seemed the case on the surface, it’s as deeply satisfying to have her back in the proverbial as it is to learn that this particular comeback track is not some ill-advised Savage Garden cover, but rather a fierce signature fidget which harks back to the dark, “catchy” artistry of Silent Shout. Lyrically, it’s all the more venereal when compared with The Knife’s 2006 mästerverk, with the concluding line: “I want to ram my fingers up your pussy” surely that which will stick for most; but of a week in which “talk[ing] about gender, baby” appears to be infinitely more apposite than it might have around the release of Full of Fire in 2013, Fever Ray’s risqué, carefree return could not have come at a better time.

To the Moon and Back is available now via Rabid Records.