On the Horizon: inGENUOIS, GENUIS.

On the Horizon: inGENUOIS, GENUIS.

Comprising full-length releases from the likes of BRAIDS, DIANA, Pick a Piper, Sean Nicholas Savage etcetera, few could argue against Canada’s having had a healthy, and musically prosperous 2013. And .​/​/​WAV from grammatically problematic Québec duo GENUIS could likely file alongside the outstanding albums of those aforementioned. For across nine restive tracks, &thony (or Anthony Michael Leedom) and Elfboi (born Lien Bao Do) piece together one of the more inventive records we’ve heard in recent months.

Perhaps inevitably therefore, it’s not without its ecstatic highs (and murky lows), of which the pulsating, if again typographically tricky Flnnl is one. For belying its slightly exhibitionistic production values resides Do’s candid admission, “I crave you.” GENUIS may not be the first to have concealed a song of such intense yearning in a relatively Hi-NRG electronic track, although few have previously done so this inGENUOISly.

However, it’s the immersive murmuring of the record’s extensive centrepiece, Hwaiian Wdding, that’ll have you helplessly devoting yourself to one of underground music’s unplumbed, if already rarefied triumphs. For amidst what sounds the jingling of shrapnel and shuffling acoustic guitar twangs dwells a work of subtlety and spectacularity alike, Do this time daydreaming of monosaccharides, “red shift dives” and Mid-Atlantic blues to make for a work that’s inviting as an infinity pool. And if this aqueous ceremony were to go on that long, few would likely kvetch much, if at all…

GENUIS’ SoundCloud.

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