First Transmission: ilo ilo, let me go.

While the ol’ lark of enigmatically concealing your identity behind some noncommittal moniker may have become somewhat passé in recent times, there remains a decided magnetism to the resolutely minuscular ilo ilo’s let me go. [T]he[y] profess[es] to hail from ‘everywhere’, while the formatting of the phone number proffered on a fairly sparse SoundCloud page (808.202.2690) would seem to suggest transatlanticism of some description; regardless, let me go – a second to come from ‘wherever’ – proves a gooey, yet readily digestible bit of bubblegummy future-pop evocative of comparably inscrutable Copenhagen producer Caius and/ or Rudi Zygadlo. Lyrically, it leaves a little to be desired (“Yeah, we fucked all night/ Should’ve gone to sleep” is, as goes without saying, the sort of conceited trash that should never escape ‘The Group Chat’), but when the production is this slick, it’s pretty tricky not to get stuck on this one, in truth.

ilo ilo’s SoundCloud.