Interpol, The Rover.

It doesn’t exactly require the most revealing intel to realise that Interpol have been and, on the basis of The Rover, continue to be one of 21st century ‘indie’ music’s comparatively few consistents. For this first number to emerge from their forthcoming Marauder full-length has a truly indomitable rigidity to it, combining Daniel Kessler’s typically itchy, restive guitar lines with Sam Fogarino’s disciplined, propulsive drums to ever-impressive effect. Of course, the more that’s said about Paul Banks’ inimitable baritone the better, and while there remains a macabre quality to it, he and his New York cohorts have returned sounding decidedly revitalised this time out.

Marauder is available from August 24th via Matador Records, while Interpol play the Royal Albert Hall on November 14th and 15th.