First Transmission: Jess Williamson, I See the White.

Few existential crises can match that instilled in budding dog owners by the impending demise of their very best of buds. And I See the White – a first to come from Jess Williamson’s forthcoming Cosmic Wink full-length – is, in part, the adopted Los Angelena’s composed, supremely mellifluous coming-to-terms with this most grim reality: “Frankie’s gettin’ older, all around her eyes/ I see the white, I see the white” she’ll acceptingly lament, summoning the fearsome potency of Is This Desire?-era PJ Harvey as she does so. However, whereas this could have quite conceivably become some kind of lachrymose canine encomium, Williamson – riding high “on the crest of the wave/ In the sea of [newfound] love” – instead steers proceedings in a demonstrably more positive direction, and has produced a quite intoxicating, hypnotic pièce de résistance in the process. Frankie would doubtless be proud.

Cosmic Wink is available from May 11th via Mexican Summer.