LA Wise Man, All I Want for Xmas Is Rock & Roll.

Whether he should be referred to as Sam Dust, “that bloke out of Late of the Pier”, LA Priest, ‘one half of Soft Hair’ or, most recently, LA Wise Man, Samuel Eastgate goes by so many pseudonyms – some legit; others less so – that you’d doubtless struggle to know which to stick on the Christmas card list… were you aware of he and doting canine accomplice Shmee’s remote domestic whereabouts, of course. And while this latest alias is one he’s surely unlikely to stick to once the festive season has slunk back off into the cold, uncompromising recesses of winter, the Wise Man’s gift – namely All I Want for Xmas Is Rock & Roll – is the kind of cracker that’s as combustible as any which booze-induced familial bust-up.

Because sleigh bells aside, with its glam-rock guitars and rambunctious bass lines featuring alongside slightly trite references to “Christmas cake”, mince pies and so on, it ticks many a seasonal box (mainly by dint of sounding not too dissimilar to so many Thin Lizzy songs, so many of which themselves sound inexplicably Christmassy). But at a time when everywhere from airports to airwaves are bloated with the aurally unbearable, Eastgate’s gift has enough of a knowingly twinkly-eyed nuance about it to be put away with the likes of Boney M, Mariah and Sufjan’s capacious box sets once the whole shebang has blown over once again.

All I Want for Xmas Is Rock & Roll is available now via Domino.