Let’s Talk About The Knife Again, Baby.

Let’s Talk About The Knife Again, Baby.

Needless to say, following on from the remiss staging of their itself innately polemic latest, Shaking The Habitual, Norse shapeshifters The Knife have some apologising to do: May’s Roundhouse date, or the one of the two I saw, provided a consummate lesson in how to disenchant one of the more readily indoctrinated audiences out there, and a first London date in yonks had, somewhat inevitably, been hotly anticipated for months.

But what Karin and Olof proffered was as miserably conceived as it was negligently choreographed and, in short, I left feeling pretty disinclined to lavish them with much further praise in the future, and indeed subsequently left their Primavera Sound showing a little later on in that same month altogether in favour of a further hour’s slumber. But, as they here allow PLANNINGTOROCK (née Janine Rostron) to completely remodel Full of Fire in order that it should reawaken to rise from the flames as the fiendishly titled Let’s Talk About Gender Baby, Let’s Talk About You And Me, they’ve salvaged a certain dignity and taken a pretty decent stab at redemption, given such damning circumstance…

Rostron’s so-called ‘rework’ hinges off what transpired to be perhaps the entire album’s most pivotal lyric: “Let’s talk about gender, baby/ Let’s talk about you and me.” Repeated amidst the crackle of manic static, and ad infinitum come its demonically executed, indeed gloriously schizophrenic denouement, if it weren’t stated with such persistence it could well have been lost on most. Instead however, it became the latent fulcrum of an itself highly confrontational album. And it’s here thrust right to the very fore by Rostron, whose naff ’80s drum machine presets, simplified bass lines and openly euphoric synthetic horns lighten the tone tenfold. To opening time what Silent Shout was to the totally opposite end of the evening-cum-early morning, it’s one that, if unfathomably, rekindles a once-dwindling interest in the Nordic siblings.

Let’s Talk About Gender Baby, Let’s Talk About You And Me is anticipated October 14th via Rabid Records.

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