First Transmission: LISS, Sorry.

Given the Danes’ gloriously scattershot musical output, it’s both weird and wonderful for the commensurately weird and wonderful Sorry – the latest from nascent Århus four-piece, LISS – to join the dots between such estimable, if infrequently comparable, compatriots as Blaue Blume and CHINAH. Because, combining the rigorously oneiric rhythms of the former’s Søren Jensen Buhl with the hip hoppy, yet unapologetically poppy synth theurgy of the latter’s Simon Andersson, Sorry was, seemingly, concocted in a metaphorical cauldron that is as ideally Danish as that of Gundestrup.

“I’m not the one that you should count on/ I’m sorry for all the shit that I have done” lead vocalist Søren Holm will lament come a chorus that’s equal parts soulful and fucking synthetic, as claustrophobic, smoggy backing vox enswathe his every word; however, there really is no need for LISS to apologise given that, increasingly, Holm & Co. look likely to become one of Scandinavia’s more dependable purveyors of superbly, purposefully subversive avant-pop. And Gud knows that’s one thing the Northern European region is pretty good at producing…

LISS play London’s Moth Club on May 24th.