LISS, Vibrations.

“I can’t feel a thing,” Søren Holm begins on LISS’ Vibrations, signalling they may not be those ‘good’ ones sung about once upon a whenever by Brian Wilson. Subsequent lyrics along the lines of “mak[ing] it real” suggest a further disconnect from reality and, as Holm has since confided to The Face, the band’s prolonged absence was indeed due to a number of personal psychiatric troubles. (Another interview, this time with Highsnobiety, reveals that, “at its peak[, he] was in a state where [his] body and mind didn’t function.”) But as is with the rest of their Second EP, Vibrations evidences a wellness, as well as a wealth of idiosyncrasies – from Blue Lines-like rhythmic components to an oscillating synth hook which, and this is almost certainly ‘just me’, calls to mind the Manic Street Preachers’ Empty Souls. The latter mimics Holm’s vocal line, although it’s this which – perhaps aptly – proves the coruscating star of the proverbial show; one which is, without doubt, their brightest since the still-irresistible Try.

Second is available now via In Real Life / Escho.