Lust for Life, Star Horse.

Lust for Life, Star Horse.

We’ve always been that tad reluctant to feature EPs for one reason or another. There’s never enough to fully review, and too much to give only a cursory paragraph to so they’ve got to be ever so slightly exceptional to appear on these lowly intangible pages. And so too, temperance is required when broaching the genre du jour that is shoegaze, as otherwise you’ll end up with more gum stuck to your soles than there are moments of unadulterated wonderment located within this, the latest extended-play from dreamboat Stockholm troupe Star HorseLust is that release, and so too is it exceptional hence here we are. Hej!

It begins with the bluish crush of Alone, which comes across a little like The Joy Formidable riding high on a meteoric blast of Mazzy Star. Though Pink Balloon drifts higher still, recalling Blonde Redhead tussling with Asobi Seksu atop the plaintive desolation of Speck Mountain.

Aishiteru, with its stilted elocution, stuttering drums and driving melancholia then proves redolent of a crestfallen take on that most succulent fruit of The Cranberries’ labours, Dreams, which sprawled out for a smidgen over five makes for an intensely engrossing piece that’s perhaps more bleary smear than ferocious stomp, to revert to cobbling metaphor.

Though it’s the EP’s supremely woozy climax, Home, which applies the polish to this most accomplished of efforts – one which is exotic and enticing even as their native Sweden to any which heathen. Absolutely damn desperate to get over there one day, and Lust only intensifies the desire.

Star Horse’s SoundCloud.

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