København Calling, Efterklang.

København Calling, Efterklang.

A borderline ludicrous amount of inspiratory music has come to light in this still unravelling week alone, for proof of which you needn’t look further than the following. And it therefore seems fitting that Efterklang – a band growing increasingly revolutionary with their every release – should enter in on the act.

Developing on the estimable concept behind last year’s sensational Piramida long-player, whereby Casper Clausen, Mads Christian Brauer and Rasmus Stolberg relocated to the Norwegian archipelago of the same name in order to collect a vibrant array of sounds foreign and familiar alike, they’ve since combined with Århus Festuge to collaborate on a collagist piece entitled Lyden af København, or ‘The Sound Of Copenhagen’. Having premièred in the trio’s hometown over the weekend, the atmospheric first of four parts can now be experienced below, the cantankerous tolling of church bells punctuated by the impudent beeping of supermarket checkouts and the incessant bustle of its customers.

In order to experience the sonic tetraptych in its entirety, ‘you will have to travel to Aarhus. There will be a listening station in the foyer of Musikhuset where the piece can be listened to in full from August 30th to September 8th in the opening hours of the concert hall. DR Kunstklub organised the collection of sounds that we have used. In May and June anyone could contribute with their own recordings of various sounds of Copenhagen. We received the sound files beginning of July and with Mads at the steering wheel we have created this 23 minute long sound collage.’ Now, if ever another reason to revisit Scandinavia were necessary…

Efterklang play Heaven October 29th.

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