First Transmission: Matilda Mann, Never Sweeter.

Never Sweeter, the début single by west Londoner Matilda Mann, evidences a maturity you wouldn’t necessarily expect of somebody born in 2000. The same could of course be said of her notorious American counterpart Billie Eilish, and the song itself proves vaguely evocative of the Californian’s benzo-rebuking Xanny, such is its unmistakably smoky timbre – equal parts early Lana Del Rey and Norah Jones. But lyrically also, Mann boasts an emotional nous which doesn’t solely complement the track’s musical nuance but is seldom associated with teenagers, this one having been written at “a time when [she] didn’t want to process what [she] was thinking.” Her ability to convey very relatable sentiment in sonic form, however, could not be any clearer.

Matilda Mann’s SoundCloud.