First Transmission: MOLLY, Glimpse.

So far as first introductions go, few could conceivably be as synoptic as MOLLY’s Glimpse. For although the Innsbruck, Austrian duo have been rattling around The Internet, etc. for a short while already, this is the first that I, personally, have as yet heard from Lars Andersson and Phillip Dornauer; and its 533 composite seconds never fail to compel, providing a comprehensive baptism into their fiery slow-burn as they do so.

It kicks off with Cocteau Twins-worthy ambiguities, before lustrous synths that brighten the piece like slowly ascending distress signals pierce its prefatory impenetrability to create luminescent atmospheres reminiscent of Cemeteries, Mazzy Star, Slowdive and the like. Thereafter, steadily intensifying post-rock tropes intervene, Andersson’s widening eyes seemingly lifted from the pedalboards underfoot to the skies like antennas to Heaven; and the resultant tempest is suitably celestial, too.

Glimpse is lifted from a forthcoming EP of the same name, which is available from December 1st via Dalliance Recordings.