Morrissey, Spent the Day in Bed.

Morrissey aping Roxy Music’s seminal début album is something thoroughly unexpected; that same Morrissey angrily railing against the media is rather less so, yet both of these things he does over the duration of Spent the Day in Bed – the first single to surface from his forthcoming Low In High School full-length. By its outro, the whole thing has, somewhat inevitably, descended into typically humdrum drivel (“No bus, no boss, no rain, no train/ No emasculation, no castration/ No highway, freeway, motorway” he’ll bewail), but before then, if you’re able to listen beyond the recommendation you “stop watching the news” (“Because the news contrives to frighten you/ To make you feel small and alone/ To make you feel that your mind isn’t your own”, of course) then you’ll essentially hear one of his more rousing numbers of recent years.

Low In High School is available from November 17th via the MPORIUM.