First Transmission: Mur-Man, Trearddur Bay.

“I don’t wanna fall in love again,” reiterates a particularly impassioned David Murdoch on Trearddur Bay – the latest to come from London-based post-punk four-piece Mur-Man – with all the roguish certitude of someone who really, truly, almost certainly does. (Indeed, he self-professedly ‘sing[s] about guilt and sex and fetishism and falling in and out of love and all those things that make life ultimately worth living’ more often than not.) And awash with aqueous, chorus-drenched guitars, pacing bass and racy drum patterns (as well as the odd nod to Nena’s 99 Luftballons), this one is without doubt the sort of song to “fall in love” both to and with.

Mur-Man’s SoundCloud.