Good Vibrations Anew, Paul McCartney.

Good Vibrations Anew, Paul McCartney.

“We can do what we want, we can live as we choose/ You see there’s no guarantee, we got nothing to lose.”

More Beach Boyish than Beatles-inspired, it seems all but entirely counterintuitive to go extolling the indubitable virtues of a new, and indeed newly innovative Paul McCartney track. Nonetheless, beyond its distinctly insipid title, the lead single from Macca’s forthcoming nth full-length New just so happens to prove particularly novel.

Produced by Mark Ronson, who for once resists his insatiable temptation to get down with the trumpets, Paul croons chirpy harmonies Brian Wilson would surely approve of over pompous rock and restrained stadium showboating best suited to front rooms nationwide. “All my life, I never knew/ What I could be, what I could do/ Then we were new” he chirrups with newfound jouissance, his lolloping rhymes childlike as they are enchanting as he likely references third (and hopefully final) wife, Nancy Shevell. And wouldn’t it be nice were he to go on manufacturing such distinguished music as this for decades to come?

Paul McCartney’s sixteenth solo studio album, New, is expected October 14th via Virgin EMI.

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