On the Horizon: Following the Leader, Pick a Piper.

On the Horizon: Following the Leader, Pick a Piper.

First and foremost, let’s cut the crap and dive right on into the deepest ends of hyperbole by stating that this tangential project from perpetually shoeless Caribou drummer Brad Weber – alliteratively entitled Pick a Piper – is flecked with signs of the lively promise of a reenergised Swim right from the off. An eponymous début 8-track full-length is expected next week (April 2nd) on Mint Records and though that’s more than we can as yet divulge, you’ll just have to take our word for it being a positively vital contemporary recording for the time being. Akin to an Alka-Seltzer, it effervesces a meditative energy that is at once both vivid and vivacious – every song a potential single sort of stuff.

What we can let on right now, however, are its first three tracks – those that set the record off on the merriest of ways. And as such, up first is the faintly melancholic if ultimately euphoric Lucid in Fjords, on which Weber’s colourfully dexterous rhythms sit menacingly beneath the overtly familiar vocal of The Ruby Suns’ Ryan McPhun like the congealed features of the deceased glaring upward from beneath a glacier sheen. And in five concise minutes, it effortlessly betters the entirety of McPhun’s latest dearest, Christopher.

From here, it’s onwards and upwards into the buoyant throbbing of All Her Colours – a fluoro thing that’s immediately that bit more redolent of Weber’s daytime endeavours. It opens up to the boundless expansion of Fuck Buttons’ Olympians and hinges off the refreshing, if bleary haze of AnCo’s Merriweather Post Pavilion though it swings from a pulsating invigoration caught somewhere disorientating between Found Out and Leave House. And topped off with the instantaneously identifiable, intensely affected croon of Caribou crony John Schmersal once again underlaid by luminous polyrhythms, there’s more than a smidgen of Snaith to have rubbed off on this one.

Though Weber prides his nascent project on a vigorous synergy between the organic and the electronic; the animate and the insentient and that which as yet best encapsulates this ethos is Cinders and Dust. It’s an intrinsically collaborative venture of course, though it this time centres around the rather more permanent fixture that is Dan Roberts as his giddying ba-ba’s swirl about in a psychedelic gloop rather like tangerine juice spiralling the plughole hauling all into a parallel dimension. Pick a Piper quite inadvertently, I’d presuppose serves as something of a warped reflection of Swim in certain respects. Even this lattermost stream bears semblance to Bowls via the humid Balearia of John Talabot’s resplendent ƒIN. Though with other album tracks featuring the ever wired in Raphaelle Standell-Preston of BRAIDS and Blue Hawaii, as well as Andy Lloyd of Born Ruffians believe you we the best – is yet to come…

Pick a Piper’s SoundCloud.

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