On the Horizon: Reacting to the Riposte, Mineral Beings.

On the Horizon: Reacting to the Riposte, Mineral Beings.

I guess were we to extract some form of reality from all this intangible internet coding and such, the one truth would be that everything artistic is in some way reactionary and can, by default, never be entirely original. The same can of course be said of music: whether a proverbial (or indeed literal) kicking against something – whether that be social inequality, or a Britpop mainstay who just so happens to be a thoroughly antagonistic prick (a Brick, if you will), or perhaps a dearth of anything in many respects alright – one solitary provocation can usually be pinpointed as the reason for most things. And certainly most musical stuffs to have dribbled out of mainland Europe over these past few decades feel very much responsive to what our musicians or, more often than not, what our transatlantic adversaries are up to. I’m unsure as to whether Amsterdam were ever in need of a rejoinder to the gritty brilliance of Gang Gang Dance. I mean Bougatsos et al. were genuinely majestic at Utrecht’s Le Guess Who? twelve months or so ago, though taken at face value the impression engendered by said show now appears all the more lasting. And that impression may be said to manifest itself in the slippery guise of Mineral Beings: a triple act comprising vocalist Merinde, a seemingly enviably adroit synth wunderkind named André, and their resident percussionist Aleksei they’re well worth writing a couple postcards home about. Consider this the one that made it through…

The two below come lifted from a 4-track entitled Bliss which was outed earlier on in the year by Zoology Records. Up first is Rain, and this is the one that pitter-patters with splats of that once seemingly inimitable Eye Contact effervescence. Merinde here imitates Lizzie with striking semblance, as humid and primordial rhythms which in turn prop up glistering synths power an intensely memorable slo-mo dance track.

Though the trump in the naff, marijuana-endorsed pack is Careful. “There’s a world outside your mind/ But you still can’t close your eyes/ It’s all a mystery”, Merinde coos with an increasingly aloof allure. It’s rollicking electropop with a darkened heart thudding away within, momentarily wobbling Flubber-like and as the Yuletide times approach, we’re letting this one roll right on through to 2013.

Mineral Beings.

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