On the Horizon: So Cool Alleviating the Gloom, Sunny.

On the Horizon: So Cool Alleviating the Gloom, Sunny.

Debonair New Wave Londoners The Fixx once pouted of one thing leading to another, and in newly discovering Perth four-piece Braves just moments ago we’re brought bang up to Sunny – an Aussie duo who just so happen to share a member in Sean. Though it’s a discovery that’s bittersweet in both name and nature, for Sunny acutely snare the sounds and blithe sensations of summer – that which is spent lolling about at Barcelona’s exemplary Primavera Sound. And having made it to Dinosaur Jr. just last night, that’s something which couldn’t feasibly come around soon enough. Though sating the insatiable thirst for Estrella and cramming the ears with musics soft as clumpy cotton for the time being is the below wealth; the aural reincarnation of amber nectar.

Up first is the muffled disco-flecked shuffle of Between Us – a spacey jam built for twitchy, hideously ungainly last dances the length and breadth of Western Australia, during which its penmen lament, “I just wanna have fun.” As do we, and rest assured a time will come.

There’s then the somehow more terrestrial, subtle jangle of So Cool which, in keeping with the pair’s greatest intentions, makes you “feel better about yourself” with the soothing instancy of co-codamol*. (*Other analgesic alternatives of course available.)

Though it’s a woozy collaboration with compatriot San Mei – Anywhere – which aptly comes across as their most transportive endeavour to date: soft as the once untouched sands of any which West Coast whilst simultaneously glistering as sprinkles of sunlight splayed out upon a topaz horizon, it makes for an immersive waft of wistful pop to lift the lingering gloom of winter.

Sunny’s Bandcamp.

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