On the Horizon: Strung Up on SoundCloud, TIDEUP.

On the Horizon: Strung Up on SoundCloud, TIDEUP.

When you’re scouring the SoundCloud of any which band, it can tend to take quite some time to distinguish its pièce de résistance up to that particular point in time. Often you find yourself compelled to afford your ears a moment’s respite to contemplate as you return to the bookmarked URL a fourth or fifth, or perhaps even a sixth or seventh time. And as is the case with ethereal Orlando pairing TIDEUP, https://soundcloud.com/tideup is an address I’ve recurrently been hibernating within of late. Which really is quite something I suppose, given that Noelle Indovino and Ben Guzman have as yet uploaded no more than two tracks. (A couple others from their In Curses You Came EP can be traced back to the couple’s Bandcamp, though that’s as yet an all too messy medium, thus we’re sticking with the Berlin startup.)

Though to revert from Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss’ now indispensable streaming medium to Indovino and Guzman, my immediate preference was for Beaches – a scintillating glister of slight electronica dipped in a tingly aesthetic of absolute accessibility like a swiftly liquefying ice cream ensnared in a thick coating of clotted chocolate.

It makes for some unmistakably aestival fare, though as I’ve continued to return to the duo’s site (and similarly here relapse to statements already monotonously stated) it’s the less instant, though altogether more impressive Walk which has begun to truly strike the right kind of chord. It reminds me of those more understated, and so too melancholy moments from Melody’s Echo Chamber though whereas there may well be an insincerity to that which Prochet peddles, there’s instead a winsomely porcelain fragility to Indovino’s indecipherable coo which is at once all the more agreeable. And while my two ears carry on in conflict over TIDEUP’s most enticing slice served up thus far, the irrefutable truth is that they’re a pairing conclusively worth keeping both tuned in to…

TIDEUP’s SoundCloud.

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