On the Horizon: tropical floridian, floridas.

On the Horizon: tropical floridian, floridas.

It’s 5ºC in Victoria, British Columbia today. The city’s reportedly speckled with a ‘light rain’ which all sounds distressingly familiar, given that we’re at 7ºC and rain is inevitably forecast for later. Though rather bizarrely, Tayler Thompson – whose floridas project came to our attentions late last night – trades in a tropical flow that is seemingly from neither here nor there. Nor is it particularly redolent of anything musical to have been spawned of America’s southeasternmost state, as the two tracks he has thus far bestowed upon us come bathed in a sunny disposition as they positively reek of an aloof insouciance.

Up first is the oceanic glister of If you want – an iridescent waft of crystalline synths, spacked clacks, and that unwound Mediterranean euphoria made famous by Pablo Díaz-Reixa under the guise of either El Guincho or, more often than not, Coconot.

Though it’s the humid, hip hop-affected escapism provided by Somewhere else which absolutely sets Thompson apart. And though Elizabethan metaphysical satirist John Donne once ruminated on no man being an island, it would seem that stranding himself out on the opposite corner of the North American continent from Florida up in northwestern Canada has done this particular chap a world of indubitable good.

floridas’ SoundCloud.

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