On the Horizon: Yup Yup Yup, Yuppies.

On the Horizon: Yup Yup Yup, Yuppies.

After even a cursory blitz through the three tracks Omaha scoundrels Yuppies have thus far uploaded to their therefore fairly sparse SoundCloud account, you’re left with little to wonder as to how and why Parquet Courts saw the trio fitting right in on their Dull Tools imprint. For while their NYC contemporaries revel in brattish, if latently intelligent punk squalor, these three Nebraskans sound absurdly puerile by comparison, and they’re positively compelling for it.

“I don’t wanna be alone here/ Well, I can’t figure out the time, time/ Could you just give me a ride, ride?/ I think I’m late to meet a friend of mine” sneers Noah Sterba atop screeching lo-fi nonchalance and staccato jabs during Hitchin A Ride, and while you may be able to drive from the impressionable age of fourteen in their native Nebraska, this sounds the vivifying work of severalĀ youfs likely barely legal in that regard.

Further fuelling their patent automobile penchant, A Ride reroots the languid stream of semiconscious prattle renowned of Andrew Savage via abrasive yodels, impressionistic riffs and breakneck, slapback cymbals. “Alright, alright, we’re goin’ for a ride. Whether you like it or not: grab your things, collect your thoughts, we’re going for a ride alright, alright” it begins, an insistent timbre catapulting the listener headlong into the car crash thrash to come.

But as was with Light Up Gold, Yuppies are at their most appealing when they opt for a somewhat more melodic default MO, and What’s That? already sounds like their very own N Dakota. Its cascading thrift store tones and listless lyrics a disorienting juxtaposition in many respects, it’s a work of honed refinement and heightened contrast in its essence that pits twinkly bits of trebly guitar up against sturdy root notes foraged for in the Pixies’ back catalogue. And a fantastical proposition these subliminal pieces are already proving, too…

Yuppies’ SoundCloud.

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