First Transmission: Otha, One of the Girls.

A defiant ‘Fuck You’ to oppressive belittlers and the like, and anoth[a] incontestable Scandinavian cracker, One of the Girls – by Oslo’s latest sensation-in-waiting, Otha – really is one to both savour and revere. For atop gurning bass grumblings and flighty top lines alike, Othalie Husøy grinds through grit-toothed, looped phrases (from the emancipatory, “Hey all you girls and boys, move your feet out to the open space; we got nothing on him/ We got nothing, we’re gonna dance for the win” to the empathic, pragmatic “we don’t have time for boys like him”) with real intent. And really, intentionally truculent, the feeling of unfettered “free[dom]” which flows with arterial force through this pulsating masterpiece is something to behold, and hold close to your heart.

Otha’s SoundCloud.