Ought, These 3 Things.

In much the same way that fellow Canadians Preoccupations successfully intermingled more directly ’80s-indebted components with their already decidedly idiosyncratic sound in the interim between the contentiously titled début and their sophomore effort of yesteryear, Montréal quartet Ought today return with a track that may yet signal the end of those once, seemingly endless Talking Heads comparisons once and for all. For with Tim Darcy’s voice sounding more reminiscent of Martin Fry than David Byrne, atop a tremendously frenetic track incorporating everything from kinetic drum machine ticks and prickly violins evocative of John Cale, it’s new wavy alright; and Darcy et al. ride it with the unabashed panache of a Jon King or an Andy Partridge.

These 3 Things is lifted from their forthcoming third studio full-length, Room Inside the World, which is available from February 16th via Merge Records, while Ought play The Garage on April 24th.