Future Islands, For Sure.

Featuring trademarkedly ebullient bass and hook-line-sinker synths, Future Islands at last return with For Sure – their first in three years.

Fear Of Men, Into Strangeness.

A timely, yet time-conscious, reminder that there is ample life left in them, Fear Of Men return with the intense, restive Into Strangeness.

Madeline Kenney, Sucker.

A fulfilling luxury feast, Madeline Kenney announces her forthcoming third full-length – entitled Sucker’s Lunch – with the Kurt Wagner-featuring Sucker.

Phoebe Bridgers, I See You.

From her forthcoming Punisher full-length, the orchestrally decorated I See You hears Phoebe Bridgers brimming with a true conviction.

NZCA LINES, Real Good Time.

Ameliorating the mood, the release of NZCA LINES’ Real Good Time coincides with the announcement of Michael Lovett’s forthcoming Pure Luxury full-length.