Cloud Nothings, Leave Him Now.

‘A reversion to a rather more direct, undeviatingly visceral thrash’, Cloud Nothings reveal Leave Him Now from their forthcoming Last Building Burning LP.

Buke and Gase, No Land.

Another thoroughly symbiotic marrying of Arone Dyer’s protean vocal to Aron Sanchez’s aeruginous grooves, Buke and Gase stream No Land.

Talker, Changes.

Whereas Collateral Damage – the début number by Talker – had a bruising heft behind it, Changes hears Celeste Tauchar, well, change tack quite dramatically.

Swearin’, Future Hell.

From their upcoming Fall into the Sun full-length, Philadelphian four-piece Swearin’ reveal the compellingly off-kilter Future Hell.

Swearin’, Untitled (LA).

‘Very much in the groove once again,’ Swearin’ reveal a second – entitled Untitled (LA) – from their upcoming Fall into the Sun full-length.