On the Horizon: Pissing Brilliant, Shitfather.

On the Horizon: Pissing Brilliant, Shitfather.

It’s none too often I lose my shit like I did last night and no, it had nothing to do with a certain German’s imminent relocation to north London. It was instead incurred by a preliminary glimpse into something potentially game-changing, that incidentally occurred at Captured Tracks’ five year celebrations last weekend. And to paraphrase fellow Brooklyn autochthon Shawn Carter, if I could’ve been anywhere in the world then, I would’ve been down The Well where the most super(b) group played out their début show.

Zachary Cole Smith had spilt the beans via his ever polemic DIIV Twitter feed, unveiling ‘the only known existing Pissfather press picture’ as seen above. If obscure, its members proved immediately recognisable, Dustin Payseur of Beach Fossils (the band with whom Smith of course first cut his teeth), Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum and Mac DeMarco completing the line up. They’ve since seemingly altered the moniker to Shitfather – a dig at a negligent progenitor, perhaps? Smith, Snr. has, lest we forget, played only a peripheral role in Cole’s upbringing, having abandoned the family “when I was like six” – although irrespective of any given expletive, the below number is explicitly invigorating even from a first play.

A nuanced reworking of The Wake’s disorientingly giddy Pale Spectre, it begins a jangly, dreamy amalgam of Smith’s ethereal unintelligibility vocal and Tatum’s twinkly fretboard wizardry, Payseur on robust bass duties while DeMarco breaks out some astonishingly proficient rhythms back on the kit. Very redolent of The Cure circa Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, if the congregating of these four precocious statesiders resulting in something so instantaneously consummate is of little wonder, then its openly proggy latter half really ups the intrigue: tightly coiled, jazzed reverb intimately intertwines itself with bass wallop mighty as a Manhattan skyline seen through tequila goggles once smothered by sunset. Thus if this is what Smith was really up to when he reneged on last weekend’s Reading Festival, then all is forgiven forthwith and without any further indignation – so long as Shitfather are to spawn UK dates ASAP…

Beach Fossils play The Garage this Thursday, 5th September.

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