Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, Franz Ferdinand.

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, Franz Ferdinand.

It’s a funny ol’ thing is reality and in several respects, this past week has instead erred rather heavily on a quite antithetical surreality. Blame Glastonbury, but the abandoning of normality has been an anticipated blitz. Nonetheless as was with the Pixies’ superlative Bagboy, the glistering return of Glaswegian landed indie gentry Franz Ferdinand seemed to emerge at almost the exact same second we set off for Somerset and only this morning, having seen a certain Nick McCarthy skulking shadily in the shadow of a plane tree on Highbury Fields, have I been reminded of the scintillating exhilaration encompassed by the below brace of spangly new material.

First up, we’ll scrutinise the Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor-produced; Dave Fridmann-mixed Right Action – the nigh on title track from the Scots’ forthcoming fourth, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. A giddy whiz that’s as retrospectively active as its credits prove instantly glitzy, it’s quintessential Franz Ferdinand adorned with blurts of opportune kazoo and Alex Kapranos’ wry lyricisms of the band’s nocturnal indispensability delivered in a typically dry timbre.

Although in keeping with their tracklisted sequencing and so too ascending quality, it’s Love Illumination which proves the considerably more brilliant cut and we can but hope it sheds light on a somewhat more bombastic general direction. Now, whilst Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action might well have been recorded anywhere and everywhere from Scotland to Stockholm, this one’s straight out of a late ’60s/ ’70s stateside. Let’s call it a mid-’70s or call the whole thing off, as it comes across a nifty Jefferson Airplane redux that unashamedly apes their Somebody To Love chorus, which is then further bolstered by guitars right outta L.A. of a later date, and My Sharona. Both are here only enhanced, parps of potent brass swelling and forming a kind of nonliteral scythe to sever your being and allow for this throwback intoxicant to really take hold. Best keep it close, for their thoughts, words and indeed actions are all sounding positively rejuvenating already…

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is anticipated August 26th on Domino.

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