First Transmission: Satellite Mode, Terrified.

“Why do I love being terrified?/ What kind of fool feeds on their own hurt to kill the time?” Jess Carvo questions come the chorus of Satellite Mode’s frightfully likeable latest, Terrified. And it’s rhetoric to which many of us can likely relate of an era in which – via social media, or many another medium – it’s all too easy to inflict a form of mental self-harm. However, she and Alex Marko offset such traumas, which beset so many of us today, with the sort of sumptuous, pulsating synth-pop pièce de résistance to recall anyone and everyone from CHVRCHES, to HAERTS, to Sade. A dusky, compelling triumph then, on the basis of this one alone, we’ve instantly taken these two New Yorkers to heart.

Satellite Mode’s SoundCloud.