Sharon Van Etten, Do You Realize??

I know not what Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street is, other than ‘An Amazon Original Series’, although the fact that it has prompted the inimitable Sharon Van Etten to revisit The Flaming Lips’ tragiconsummate Do You Realize?? is reason enough to subscribe to its existence, if not to the series itself.

Of course, you can count on Sharon to turn in an immeasurably masterful, if funereal rendition, and ‘turn in an immeasurably masterful, if funereal rendition’ she does, sombre organ strains reminiscent of Hecker and/ or Lopatin eventually giving way, around the one-minute mark, to Van Etten’s tremorous, sometimes-tenebrous vocal. Combined with mettlesome strums of acoustic, it’s quite something; most pertinently, however, there’s something gloriously autobiographical to the lyric, “Do you realize that happiness makes you cry?” For we’re more than happy to mourn for as long as she is, in short…

Sharon Van Etten.