Speedy Ortiz, Lucky 88.

By the time Massachusetts ensemble Speedy Ortiz release their third full-length – entitled Twerp Verse – this spring, no fewer than three years will have elapsed since the release of Foil Deer in 2015. But, with Sadie Dupuis busying herself with Sad13 endeavours in the ensuing meantime, mercifully, the world hasn’t exactly suffered from a shortage of her idiosyncratically saccharine takes. And Lucky 88, lifted from that forthcoming record aforementioned, draws upon the more unapologetically poppy lilt to Slugger, lugging gloriously knowing, ’90s-indebted refrains (“I don’t care anymore,” indeed) and gloopy synth lines over the rockier backdrop provided by Darl Ferm, Mike Falcone and new recruit, Andy Molholt. Count yourself lucky they’ve returned with this much vim.

Twerp Verse is available from April 27th via Carpark Records.