Swearin’, Grow into a Ghost.

What with it being the best part of five years since Philadelphian outfit Swearin’ last released a full-length album – namely Surfing Strange, 2013 – Allison Crutchfield et al. have been, at best, a spectral presence of late. So it makes sense for a first to surface from their forthcoming third record, Fall into the Sun, to come with the ‘Grow into a Ghost’ rubric that it does; and a tangibly full-bodied blast it is, too. Kyle Gilbride brings searing riffs brimming with heatwavy vim, Jeff Bolt hammers away with propulsive intent, and Crutchfield’s unwavering vocal delivery is suggestive of an urgency they’d be forgiven for having forgone. Thus although we’ve not been able to “watch [them] grow” in their protracted absence, they’ve very audibly done so.

Fall into the Sun is available from October 5th via Merge Records.