Swearin’, Untitled (LA).

Bristling with the heartwarming, gristly brilliance of The Thermals’ The Body, the Blood, the Machine, Grow into a Ghost heard Philadelphia’s Swearin’ not only return, but return to real form, too. And a second to come from their upcoming Fall into the Sun full-length, entitled Untitled (LA), hears them very much in the groove once again, Allison Crutchfield’s staccato delivery strangely evocative of John Darnielle as she “ruminate[s] the perpetual strife and timing in [her] life” atop protuberant bass parts, strictly regimented drum rattling, and Kyle Gilbride’s increasingly singular guitar artistry. They’re quite the band, and have been for a bit; it may be about time more budding listeners cottoned onto them.

Fall into the Sun is available from October 5th via Merge Records.