Talker, Keep Me Safe.

Although that bit more upbeat than anything her Tennessee counterpart has as yet put her name to, Talker’s Keep Me Safe proves strikingly reminiscent of Julien Baker’s dolorous outpour. Vocally, the Californian – née Celeste Tauchar – turns in what may well be her most versatile, stirring delivery yet, switching effortlessly between the contoured direction of Hayley Williams and the graceful flight of Sarah McLachlan. But as Keep Me Safe crescendoes, it creeps ever closer to the potency of, say, Rejoice – albeit bereft of Baker’s existential questioning – as Tauchar instead queries: “Who’s gonna keep me safe when you’re gone?/ Who’s gonna keep me sane?” Regardless of her day-to-day sanity, it seems increasingly safe to say that Talker ought to keep tongues wagging for a good while yet.

Talker’s SoundCloud.